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Commercial Damages

General Dispute and Advisory Services

The Echelon team provides proven consulting and expert services to clients who need the most reliable information about the short- and long-term impacts a dispute may have on their organization. We provide well-supported analyses, reports, and insight at all stages of business disputes.

Early Dispute Assessment

Drawing on years of experience across a broad spectrum of industries, our professionals understand the right questions to ask and how to identify and evaluate information that will play a critical role in the resolution process. We recognize the importance of assessing the direct financial exposure associated with a prolonged dispute but also understand the effect litigation may have on “assets” that are harder to measure, such as brand loyalty, reputation, and appeal to future investors. In the end, our work creates efficiencies and confidence for our clients, both of which put them in the best position to produce a positive outcome.

Discovery Assistance

Discovery is arguably the most critical phase in commercial disputes. Each side seeks the most reliable information available in addition to testing the opposition’s ability to effectively deliver their position. Further, it’s no secret that the quality and credibility of experts often significantly impact settlement negotiations and outcomes. The combination of our deep experience, solid credentials, and diligent analysis throughout the litigation process provides a comfort level to our clients that if things should progress to trial, they will be prepared to present an effective case.

Economic Damages Analysis

Our team has deep experience in analyzing damages—as both affirmative and rebuttal experts—in matters that run the gamut of causes of action and industries. Our expert reports are the result of the combined experience and analytical acumen of the team. Further, critical peer review ensures that the opinions reached are valid, supported, and equip the testifier to cogently communicate his or her damages conclusions with confidence.

Trial Testimony

Our team of experts has been called upon to provide testimony in bench and jury trials as well as ADR proceedings. We are effective in these settings because we have completed the difficult work that supports sound opinions. Attorneys also appreciate the fact that we effectively use demonstrative evidence in combination with verbal testimony to convey complex concepts in an understandable manner. Our testifying experts have a command of the witness stand derived from their years of experience in clearly communicating intellectually honest and defensible expert opinions.

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